A Letter to Fellow Athletes All Around the World

7/11/2016 10:53 AM

Dear Fellow Athlete,

Last night, when I was watching the Olympic trials, I was thinking of you.

That's right! You!

Why? Because I know you have goals. I know you have aspirations. I know you have big dreams of being the greatest you can be! And, I know with all of that comes a lot of hard work, training for long hours, sweat, tears, etc. There are times you want to quit, but you don't. There are times you fall, but you get back up. There are times you cry out of frustration or out of joy.

And believe me, I have been there and am still going through it. With my last year of college coming up, I have felt a lot of pressure to make my last season on Cross Country the best it could possibly be. Some days, I have felt unstoppable, like I could pretty much conquer the world! And, there are other days where I throw in the towel and cry, getting down on myself feeling as though I'll never improve.

But, do you want to know what keeps me going?

Well, there's two things.

For starters, there are people in my life that I hope to inspire through my running. I have asthma, and I have had my share of injuries and illnesses that have kept me out from my training.

But, I don't let them stop me. I always find a way back. I want to show everyone around me that even if you get knocked out, you can still get back in, and you'll be better and stronger because of it.

Another thing is running is honestly my addiction. This is what I live and breathe every single day. When I wake up, I look forward to seeing what my training will be like that day, what more I can learn about myself as both an athlete and a person. I want my love for this sport to shine through to others to encourage them to find something they are passionate about. Working hard for something you love really doesn't feel like work anyway!

Olympic athletes never fail to inspire everyone around the world, and it's people like them I strive to be more like every single day on and off the field. Their passion, their determination, their positive attitude are all things that I try to have more of.

For my fellow athletes, I implore you to go for the gold. Whether it's breaking a personal record, scoring that winning goal, or even becoming the next Olympic athlete, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING you CAN'T do without putting your heart, mind, and soul into everything you do. If the mind don't matter, then the matter don't mind. You are in control. Dream it, pursue it. Learn from your obstacles, be inspired from other athletes. See everyday as a new opportunity to grow and push past boundaries you never thought were possible. Strive to be the best you can be, and you will move mountains.

Best of luck to you!


A Fellow Athlete

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