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7/19/2016 11:06 AM

It is VERY difficult to create fashion that NO ONE has EVER seen before. However, designers always find some source of inspiration to get their "creative juices" flowing in order to design something that will appeal to their market. Inspiration can come from ANYWHERE, practically ALL OVER THE WORLD if you looked around.

Here are 8 popular sources of inspiration:

1. Buildings/Architecture

If you find a building or any piece of architecture with an interesting structure to it, you may find yourself creating interesting shapes to your designs!


2. Nature

From mountains to the sky, from trees to different and unique plants, nature is one of the best inspirations for colors, textures, shapes, etc.


3. Under the Sea

There are different kinds of fish and plants that can help you find inspiration for colors, shapes, textures, etc.


4. Animals

Birds have been a popular source of inspiration to create bold, interesting designs filled with a lot of different colors and textures. There are also many others such as those found in the jungle, parks, zoos, aquariums, etc.


5. Historic Items

Going back to your roots through any historic items such as paintings, sculptures, stories, etc. can always spark some kind of inspiration!


6. Reviving Old Fashion Trends

Giving a modern twist to old fashion trends has also been common among fashion designers.


7. Fashion Icons/Celebrities

Infamous fashion icons can be anyone from movie stars to singers to dancers, and so much more. From fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn to today's celebrities such as Taylor Swift were and are HUGE trend setters. Anyone who looks up to them will want to follow their style.


8. Out in the Streets

What do you see people wearing when they walk around? What seems to be the most common thing they have? If it's very popular, then chances are you can create a collection that many people will want to buy.
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