Inspiration Post #2

7/25/2016 11:15 AM

Never let your failures define you. Let your failures teach you.
Do at the very least one thing that you normally would not do. Whether it's something small like trying some type of fitness class to something extreme like skydiving, you can learn more about yourself and open your horizons.
Instead of focusing on all the negative that happened that day, if you can think of at least one thing that happened that was positive, that will always outweigh the negative.
Those who truly support you will be there for you through thick and thin. Those who doubt you will bring you down rather than lift you up.
Everybody moves at their own pace. Some may want to get to their goal fast, others may take their time and "smell the roses" along the way. It doesn't matter what route you take, just as long as you get there!
How you feel when you wake up, what your schedule will be like, and any other factors should not determine how your day will go. Let YOU decide on how YOU will live your day.
Because "to be continued" is way more fun than "the end."
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