Remember: Life is Precious

6/15/2016 9:38 AM

It's been everywhere in the news: Christina Grimmie's death first, then the shooting at Orlando's night club Pulse. Thousands of people have turned to social media to post their thoughts and feelings on the situations. Many have even changed their profile pictures on Facebook to show support for Orlando.

While it's been nice to see the amount of love and support being shown via social media, I have come across a few angry posts rather blaming certain people or demanding a call to action on certain viewpoints. Of course, freedom of speech, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and have the capability to express themselves. And, you may disagree with what I am about to say, and that is completely okay.

But, whatever your viewpoint is, the blame, anger, hatred will not bring Christina Grimmie or those lives lost at Pulse back. Of course, no one is happy that these tragedies have and still continue to keep happening. But if you had something bad happen in your life, would you want to see people posting angry, mean, spiteful things? In a time where people need to know they are not alone, where people are in need of love, comfort, and support, love is always the answer.

It is times like these where we are reminded of how precious life is. We are only given one chance at it. We can choose to lift others up or bring them down. We can choose to help those in need or turn them away. We can choose to go out and live our lives to the fullest, or we can shut the door and hide away in fear.

While there may never be an answer as to why bad things happen, believe that something good will always come out of it, because love always wins. It is in hard times like these where we should come together to spread love, kindness, and compassion to one another. We can always strive to make our world a better place by providing inspiration and hope. It is never a bad life, just a bad day, and there is always something good in every day. When it looks like there is no light left, you can decide to be that light yourself. A little smile and wave at someone passing by, a small act like opening a door for someone, a compliment, all these simple and small actions can actually make a big difference.

We are all capable of greatness. We have the power to make a positive impact on those we reach out to. What will you do with your gifts and talents? After all, life is precious.

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