Will Lacrosse be an Olympic Sport Again?

7/5/2016 10:41 AM

ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT THE 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES IN RIO?!?! I know I am!! I have been seeing just about EVERYWHERE on social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) the updates and hype on who will be competing in the 2016 Olympics for Team USA. As EXCITED as I am to see swimming, gymnastics, running, and everything else, I had a question in the back of my mind...

Why isn't Lacrosse an Olympic Sport?

I have watched my friends in college play, and it is always amazing to watch! It's physical, it's fast, it's intense, there is a lot of strategy involved just like any other game out there. In fact, for a brief time, I even learned how to play, and it is both super challenging and fun at the same time!

After researching multiple sources, I was actually pretty surprised to learn that Lacrosse in fact WAS an Olympic sport at one point, but it eventually got taken off the list of other sports. While that is discouraging for Lacrosse fans, there is a lot of hope that it will find its way back!

Lacrosse 1
Lacrosse was featured as an official Olympic sport in the 1904 and 1908 games.


Lacrosse 6
However, the US, Canada, and Great Britian were the only ones competing...
Lacrosse 2
In several high schools, the sport of lacrosse has GROWN in popularity!
Lacrosse 3
It eventually included a women's league as well!
Lacrosse 4
Lacrosse is a mix of soccer and hockey with the fast pace the game moves, making it such a THRILLER to watch!
Lacrosse 7
The 2014 World Lacrosse Championships gathered so attention internationally as well as participants!
Lacrosse 5
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) need to recognize Lacrosse as an Olympic sport.

The future of Lacrosse does look bright, as it does have certain factors working in their favor! From multiple sources I found, the goal to include Lacrosse in the Olympics again is in 2024.

So what do you think? Will Lacrosse be recognized as an Olympic sport again? Tell us what you think!

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