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Flow Society is the flow of the game and the flow of energy from a growing culture. It encompasses a community of lax players who come together to participate in a way of life that is different from all other sports. Flow is dedicated to the growth of the sport through the world of fashion, while providing the players with the essential clothing they need to participate in the style game. Our unique designs are unmatched in the world of lacrosse and can only be found with us. With this new product line the lacrosse community can finally have a way to stay part of the game long after the final whistle blows. What to KNOW MORE?! Keep reading about the start up of Flow!

1. What inspired Flow to focus on Lacrosse gear?

The original founder had a 10 year old boy and 12 year old girl that loved clothing and lacrosse. He sought to make them happy because doing so it made him happy. Because of that, he created Flow Society.

2. The company is fairly new. When did you start the company?

The company is about 3 years old, so still fairly new. The company began on the design of just lacrosse wear and then ventured out to other sports like basketball and golf. As of last year, Flow Society was bought by Big Idea Brands which has been a great experience so far, for both companies. Most recently Flow Society has teamed up with Wicked 6 Sports to create the FlowPro line; a line of professionally designed, one-of-a-kind uniforms created to set your amazing team apart from the “average” teams!

3. Why is the logo of Flow Society an eagle?

The eagle is one of the most iconic American symbol and it seems fit for the eagle to represent one of the first American sports. The lacrosse ball and wings were added to represent the head of a lacrosse stick and ball.

4. Have you ever met any famous lacrosse players in your career?

Yes! We currently have Connor Martin a.k.a ConBroChill as Flow Society’s spokesperson. He will stop by the office and hang out with us or send us some cool footage when he is out of town. Sometimes we are able to meet other players on teams when we go out to games.

5.How do you come up with all the ideas for you clothing?

Our ideas and designs are created on the most crazy, fun, and innovative every day living our designers come across. They see what every boy and girl wants to wear and what makes each of them stand out in the crowd from every other black, grey, or blue sports shorts that other kids are wearing.

6. Can you point out any upcoming design or line that you guys are particularly excited about?

We are super excited about our Boys Briefs that should be coming out this Fall as well as the progress of our FlowPro line.

7. Do you believe in the future that you will start online shopping or brand shops?

Eventually we will move to have online shopping but for right now we currently have a list of our online retailers on our website.

8. You guys have a very active social media sites with many kids commenting daily, is that something you guys enjoy looking at?

We get so excited hearing and seeing everyone’s feedback on our clothing and anything to do with lacrosse. These sites allow us to interact and communicate directly with our followers or “friends” on a daily basis. Don’t we all love talking to our friends everyday, so why wouldn’t we be excited to see posts on our sites? We constantly are having contests for stickers or big prizes such as t-shirts or shorts. We are currently working on daily and weekly contests as well as even scholarship opportunities. This up-coming year is going to be monumental for Flow Society.

- By Denise

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