Flow Society Launches new line!

2/21/2016 11:22 AM

Wow! Has it really been this long? First off and most importantly a huge Thank you to all of you out there who have bought our Flow Society shorts, T shirts and been such huge supporters of our print driven brand…. You bought record numbers of Flow Society from our web site and from our great retail partners (listed on this site) in 2015 Secondly, and almost as important, you might be curious as to why we have been so quite for so long! That is indeed a legit question, and a simple answer follows…..

WE HAVE BEEN UBER BUSY! Remember when all anybody talked about was Flow Society lacrosse shorts for kids and mostly boys shorts at that? We do! So we got to work and thought why should lax players have all the fun? So, we have been busy creating a very cool basketball inspired short with spectacular designs and trims….they fit in a more modern way, leaner, shorter and frankly almost too cool for school! These are now available on our Flow Society.net, web site for men and boys…. Then, we got to thinking some more; why not give everyone the opportunity to represent Flow Society……so we designed and created a full line of windbreakers (full on functional with a hood and performance fabric), jackets that are reversible; featuring great prints, new fabrics and all new styling, more and cooler T’s and the greatest sports shorts on this or any other planet. Wait… not nearly done……..we will also introduce a full fleece (sweatshirt fabric) collection for boys and men for mid summer delivery….please keep checking back for this collection…it’s great!...printed joggers….that’s sick! Yup coming real soon…. Whew, not quite done……girls, we did not forget you, just worked really really hard to give you a never before seen collection of girl’s active and performance work out gear……yes, it features incredible camo, uniqu prints and patterns capri leggings, sports bras, etc…..all in that unique and fabulous Flow Society feeling… Sorry, I could go on forever, but need to get back to work before you start calling for more! Please check back to the site and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for details of the girls collection’s imminent arrival!

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