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5/16/2016 3:11 PM

Q: What did you do before you began working at Flow Society?

A: After working as a designer at Nike (2005-2010) in Beaverton Oregon, I moved to New York where I took some time off to paint while also picking up a few gigs freelancing at various advertising agencies and an apparel company. Before Nike, I worked at DKNY and had my own small design agency.

Q: What inspired you to become the designer at Flow Society?

A: First, what got me interested in working with the brand was the talented team at FS. Second, Flow Society is an active wear company, rooted in sport as opposed to just being a regular clothing brand. Apparel that functions has a longer shelf life than just regular clothing. I like the idea of making apparel that emboldens the athlete/wearer.

Q: How and where did you hear about Flow Society?

A: In 2013, a friend of mine who worked at Flow Society brought me in to meet the team.

Q: What kind of work do you do at FS?

A: My official title is Creative Director. My duties are mostly apparel design and art direction. I also clean and take out the garbage, we wear many hats here, :)

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Jake Garfield, Lazaro Rabanales and Adam Kleiner

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