Element of Surprise

9/15/2016 6:33 PM

In life, we want to know what is happening and all of the little details that come with it. We never like the unknown, because it’s scary. Yet, we do not have total control of our lives, because sometimes we get curveballs thrown at us.

My team, and myself included, like to know what is going on when and where for our training. For the past three years, our coaches would willingly tell us. This year? It’s a different story.

Our coach will not tell us what the workouts are until the day of.

What’s the reasoning behind this method? It’s so we can be prepared for anything. We should be prepared to take on any kind of workout, high or low intensity. If we are told that the workout will be hard, then we are ready. If the workout is more on a recovery side, meaning taking it easy, then it’s a nice surprise for us.

Basically, he wants us to get out of the mindset of knowing every single little detail and instead just taking on whatever is being thrown at us. And this is honestly a life lesson for all of us. Whatever obstacle that tries to get in our way, we have to just work through it. Knowing certain details may hold us back, so approaching something with an open mind may lead you to having a more positive attitude.

Anything can happen: be prepared for it.

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