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Thank you for coming back to see the lucky person to get chosen  as  December’s Flow Fanatic!!

 Flow Society knows that we would be NOTHING without our loyal  supporters and fans and would like to show our
 appreciation and extreme gratitude.
 Each month, a new Flow Fan will be featured on our blog.
 These fans will be selected by tagging us in Instagram posts,  submitting photos and letters to FlowSocietyPress@Gmail.com, or  by tagging us in Facebook and Twitter posts.
 The person that shows the greatest enthusiasm and creativity will  be featured and receive exclusive Flow Society gear to add to their  collection

This month, we celebrate Ben showing off his monkey Flow Society  shorts on the field.


Name – Ben

Age – 10

Position Played – Goalie

Years Playing Lax – 3 years

Favorite Lax Moment – There was a wide open pass in the middle, the player ripped the ball so hard but I still was able to save it

Favorite Pro Lax Player – Drew Adams

Favorite Flow Society Short – Pink Monkey shorts

Why do you love lacrosse/Flow Society – I love lacrosse because it is a very fast sport and it is exhilarating to be in the goal while someone is trying to score on you! Flow Society makes my favorite shorts! They are fun and exciting – just like the game!

- By Christina

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