12/17/2014 1:04 PM

Welcome the newest addition to our website, the “Flow Fanatic” section.

Flow Society knows that we would be NOTHING without our loyal supporters and fans and would like to show our appreciation and extreme gratitude.Each month, a new Flow Fan will be featured on our blog. These fans will be selected by tagging us in Instagram posts, submitting photos and letters to FlowSocietyPress@Gmail.com, or by tagging us in Facebook and Twitter posts. The person that shows the greatest enthusiasm and creativity will be featured.

This month, we celebrate Tucker W. who was chosen for this awesome picture he posted on his Instagram page (@tuckerweeks_24) showcasing his envious Flow Society collection.


Name: Tucker W.

Age: 13

School: Saco Middle school Position

Played: Middie Years

Playing Lax: Seven

Favorite Lax Moment: Behind the back to shelf goal

Favorite Pro Lax Player: Kyle Harrison

Favorite Flow Society Short: Either the neon argyle or the purple monkey and bananas

Why do you love Flow Society: They make the sickest most comfortable shorts and they have the coolest designs.

- By Christina

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