It's Game Day!

7/28/2016 11:06 AM

All of your training has led up to this day: game day. It’s time to show everyone what you’re made of. It’s time to be the better than the rest. Give it your all, and don’t hold anything back. If you want to be the very best you can be on your day, here are five tips:

1. No Late Night Technology Before Going to Sleep

Staying up late is already going to affect your performance, but adding in video games, binge watching your favorite Netflix series, and texting will decrease your performance by about 20%. I recommend setting a time where you turn off ALL technology before going to sleep. Also, try an alternative, such as reading a book to help quiet your mind enough to make you feel drowsy to go to sleep.

2. Hydrate the Day Before and the Day Of

Well, really you should be hydrating every single day, but the day before is just as crucial as the day of to stay hydrated. Water is the best option, but there’s also Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, Propel, etc.

3. Eat the Same Food the Night Before and the Day Of

If you eat pasta, chicken, etc. for dinner and eat scrambled eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, etc. for breakfast, then keep that same meal plan for the rest of the season. If you change one thing, there is a good chance your body will feel a difference. Avoid anything with lots of dairy or fat: things like cookies, ice cream, etc. are always the best AFTERWARDS to celebrate!

4. Picture Success

Before going to sleep, and the morning you wake up, have a “movie” playing in your head of what the day will be like. Picture yourself playing at the top of your game, helping your teammates, scoring goals, etc. Also, picture moments where you or your team may struggle. Now, picture how you will overcome that. Imagine the whole process of the game rather than the end result. If you dream it, you can achieve it.

5. Keep the Same Routine for EVERYTHING the Rest of the Season

Game day is NOT the day to be trying out anything new. That is what practices are for! Stick to what you are confident and comfortable with on game day. If you go to bed at a certain time the night before, if you have a morning routine that helps you get ready for the day, STICK WITH IT.


Now that you have everything you need to be successful, go out there and WIN IT!!!

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