Gearing up for your Workout?

8/17/2016 11:03 AM

I don’t know about you, but with all this Olympic Games “hype” as well as watching these amazingly talented athletes compete, it makes me feel inspired to train harder!

Sometimes, getting ready to workout can feel like a “chore” for some people. But, the reality is, you can actually make it fun. If you have fun while getting ready, then chances are you’ll have more fun while you’re working out! It’s all about the preparation!

Here are 5 tips to help you gear up for your best possible workout:

1. Safety First: Tell Someone Where You Are

First things first is to always establish some safety! Once you establish this, then the fun can begin! Whether you are still living with your parents, or you live with your friends, grandparents, aunt/uncle, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or whatever the case may be, it’s always super important to tell someone where you are. In case something happens to you, that person will know where to find you, or, if someone is looking for you, they will know where you are.

2. Eat and Hydrate the RIGHT Way

Some people cannot eat AT ALL before a workout, some can eat a whole meal no problem, while others maybe can eat a small something before hitting the treadmill! Regardless, find whatever works for you! What’s my recommendation? Usually if I eat something at the MAX 2 hours before a workout, I’ll be ready to go! However, I recommend not eating anything dairy like cheese before a workout…that will be very uncomfortable for you! And of course, HYDRATE!!! The best recommendation of course is water, but if there’s something else you’d prefer, then go for that!

3. Dance to the Music!

This is probably my favorite part of getting geared up! Find a song that will REALLY pump you up to work out! I listen to a wide range of music from techno to pop, Christian, country, pop, rock, alternative, etc. Whatever song that is positive, upbeat, and puts you in the best mood possible, dance to it! I’m not kidding about this, I want you to literally DANCE AROUND YOUR ROOM while you are getting around! Dancing or any kind of jumping around movement boosts your endorphins, those “feel good” hormones in your brain! If you weren’t feeling great before, this will definitely help!

4. Wear Your Favorite Outfit! If you are a fan of wearing the basic black and white colors, if you have a favorite jersey, or if you love bright, obnoxious, neon colors, I want you to WEAR THEM AND EMBRACE THEM! After all, that is the beauty of fashion! We have that freedom to express ourselves in a creative way! Plus, you’ll feel both comfy AND stylish in whatever you choose to wear! Look good, feel good!

5. Smile!

This last tip will be the most important one that I will tell you. Look at yourself in the mirror, strike some poses, flex your muscles, and SMILE! Working out should be fun, not boring! Exercise helps you to feel good both physically and emotionally! So, if you put a smile on before, while you’re working out, and after, it should help you to enjoy your work out more!

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