12/17/2014 1:10 PM

Flow Society has recently partnered up with Meez Nation. Meez Nation is the only online virtual site that is geared toward teens to create social and multimedia activities to share amongst online friends. Meez allows users to create unique avatars and style them inside Meez Rooms; where they can find Meez’s original fashion line, virtual goods and today’s hottest brands. Brands such as Ed Hardy, Rocawear, Candies, and GRRLLA. Users can use their avatars to interact and share with each other about anything from fashion to music, videos and hobbies. Meez has become one of the hottest online communities to be created over the past few years! Parents are even raving about how much their children are enjoying it and are fully supporting the virtual world Meez has created for their children to be interacting in. Best part about all this is that Meez also has an iPhone and iPod app that allows you to take your Meez world with you wherever you go! What more do you need, parents approve, teens love it and it has major Flow! What are you waiting for? Go to Meez Nation now and get started on creating the avatar that best fits you! These are some contests that Meez Nation has had. Sign up today and get the latest on all the contests they are having! - By Denise
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