12/17/2014 1:17 PM

The MLL Championship weekend was a great weekend of lacrosse. You could not have asked for a better team match up. The first round was the Charlotte Hounds vs. Denver Outlaws. The Hamilton Nationals played against the Chesapeake Bayhawks in the next round. In the Final Round of the MLL Championship, the Bayhawks come in and win the championship over the Outlaws. The crowd outside the stadium was full of energy and excitement for the games to begin. The parking lot was full of families & friends as well as groups of teams that came out together to watch the games. They were all enjoying themselves with some food, drinks and a good time with each other. Around the stadium, were tents companies had set up for you to see what they have to offer. There were about 6 tents set up raging from Warrior to the Head Strong Foundation. Tents were set up selling lacrosse equipment and accessories as well as displaying autographed equipment from different MLL teams as well as other sports. The Warrior area had an interactive tent that allowed you to see how fast you could through with your lacrosse sticks. While at the championship, we were able to hang out with the crowd and meet some of our amazing Flow Society followers. We gave away tons of stickers and clothing to kids that we saw reppin’ their Flow Swag. Inside the stadium, there was a loud crowd of excited and cheerful fans waiting for the games to begin. Each team had a strong following of what seemed to be loyal fans. Yet, it seems that the Hounds’ fans were a bit more enthusiastic with their unique chants after every goal or nice play. There was a mix of parents, young adults and kids among the stands watching the top lacrosse players in the world going at it; which made it a very family friendly event. If you got close enough, you could hear the players and coaches talking to each other from the stands. No matter where you sat or stood, you could really tell how amazing these players at this game; between the sweat, heart and soul poured into this game no wonder why they are in the MLL. Just from watching them move the ball around or someone making a transition play, you could tell they all deserved to be out on the field. I think the two things that were noticeably different from the college level was the accuracy that they had on their shots and, the lacrosse IQ every player had. Overall it was a great weekend filled with excitement, love of the game and of course Flow Society. Check out below some pictures taken from the game. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to read instant updates taken at the game @FlowSociety. - By Denise
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