Olympic 2016 Opening Ceremony

8/5/2016 5:08 PM

Tonight is a night that doesn't come around very often. It's a night that I'm sure a lot of you have been waiting for for a very long time.

It's a night to celebrate culture. It's a night where we can put our differences aside. It's a night where everyone all around the world unites as one. It's a night where those watching back home can show support for their team.

It's the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Tonight in Rio, some athletes will walk out for the first time, while others have done it before. The athletes feel honored, thrilled, maybe even overwhelmed to be representing their home country in these games. The pressure is on, but regardless of who wins or loses, this whole experience will turn into memories that will last a lifetime.

Every athlete has trained, pushed themselves to the limit, and competed through the blood, sweat, and tears to be able to qualify for Team USA. While they have proved themselves worthy, we can only hope and continue to support these amazingly talented athletes to go for the gold.

It's a night like tonight that I feel inspired as both an athlete and person. I look up to these athletes and strive to have their determination, strength (both physical and mental), and positive energy. Whether you are an athlete or not, I hope that you will feel inspired too.

Go Team USA!!

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