Possible Workout Playlist #1

8/19/2016 5:29 PM

For me, music is top priority when it comes to working out. I always need an upbeat, positive song to push through! Here are 5 out of MANY songs I listen to and you can check out for yourself:

1. Red Lights- Tiesto

I run to this song A LOT! I feel so free, almost as if I can fly! Or, you could “just run them red lights…”

2. Thunderstruck- AC DC

This is perfect for me to get the adrenaline pumping!

3. Only Love- Shaggy (feat. Pitbull & Gene Noble)

This is another song that I run to A LOT! It’s upbeat, positive message about love makes me feel like running free into the sunset! Okay, maybe that’s a bit over-the-top, but you get how positive I feel listening to this song!

4. All the Way- Timeflies

This song for me emphasizes how much I want to push myself: ALL THE WAY! If I feel like I’m struggling, this song is a good pick me up!

5. Cheap Thrills- Sia

At the end of my workouts, I like to celebrate with a song to dance to. This song has been playing A LOT on the radio, and it’s so catchy and fun to sing and dance to!

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