Recovery: It’s Just as Important as Training

8/9/2016 11:44 AM

Whether you train 3-4 times a week or maybe every single day, it is absolutely CRUCIAL to recover.

Now, I don’t mean just physically. While that is important, that should not be the only focus. If you only recover physically, chances are you ACTUALLY ARE NOT FULLY recovering. Exercise takes more than just physical strength, but also emotional.

The obvious ways to recover physically would be eating, drinking plenty of water (or whatever you prefer), icing, using a foam roller, stretching, sleeping, etc. And of course, I encourage you to continue to do so. However, the emotional aspect is important as well.

So how exactly do you do this? Well, you have a couple of options. An obvious one would be to meditate. Calm your mind, focus on your breathing, grounding yourself, and all those other benefits will absolutely help you. However, meditating is not for everyone, and that is completely okay! There are many other resources you can turn to!

If you are artistic like me, I love to paint or draw. Anything artsy helps me to express myself in a creative way. To add to that, if I play very calming music, I feel a lot more relaxed. Or, you can even just listen to the calming music in the comfort of your bed, living room, backyard, etc. Music speaks to everyone on an emotional level, whether the song gives out a positive message, has lyrics you can relate to, or just the emotions you feel listening to a song.

Reading a book can also be therapeutic. I know people will read books off of a computer screen, but especially if it’s night time, that can be a bit harsh on your eyes. Reading helps to quiet your mind enough to either relax you or maybe even drift off to sleep.

I also recommend aromatherapy. Whether it’s lighting scented candles, incense, or literally taking a nature walk, that will be an instant mood booster.

Heck, even just watching mindless television is relaxing! Just don’t stay up until 3AM…

Recovery is just as important as your training. If you train with a stressed out mind, if you barely slept the night before, or even if you didn’t ice when you should have, that will all have a negative impact on you. Take your recovery time seriously: your mind and body will thank you later.

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