Something That CAN’T be Taught

8/25/2016 7:12 PM

After another intense XC practice today, my coach told us something that kind of hit me deep.

He told us with the training that we were being given that most people have just quit because of how hard it is. But, we didn’t. What he then said was what hit me:

Having that perseverance, that fire inside, that willpower to not quit, is something that CANNOT be taught to ANYONE. You could be a very talented athlete, but if there’s no fire or heart in you, then you can’t improve.

The way he put it just made me stop and think for a moment. I NEVER ran XC in high school. I did, however, run 5K races on my own. No one was coaching me at this time, I just taught myself! I taught myself to never quit. My passion for running grew and grew as the years progressed.

Find your passion. Once you do, put your whole heart, mind, and soul into it. Having the ability to persevere is a gift: embrace it. Inspire others. Let that fire burn strong, and keep fighting for your dreams.

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