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It’s an early, ungodly hour on a Monday morning. You alarm is going off, and you try to hit the snooze button multiple times to try and catch some more sleep. Eventually, you’re forced to wake up so that you are not late for work, so you rub your eyes, stretch, and roll out of your bed to shower and eat breakfast. Once you finally head out the door, your mind is racing with thoughts of everything you need to accomplish that day. Some days might seem unmanageable, other days may not be so bad.

It’s not easy to stay motivated, positive, and upbeat throughout your work week. One day it’s easy, the next day, not so much. And when you are not feeling your best, you may beat yourself up.

Let me tell you that beating yourself up will do you NO GOOD. In fact, you’ll just feel worse. It’s very cliché, I know, but your mind is your most powerful tool, and you have control over it.

Instead of getting mad at yourself, change your thought process. This one tip could even change your life:

Turning off your alarm takes less than three minutes.

Jumping out of bed takes less than three minutes.

Brushing your teeth takes less than three minutes.

What’s my point here? If something takes you less than three minutes, then you HAVE to do it. Whenever we feel like time is moving too fast or we feel as though we don’t have enough time to get everything accomplished, this is a reality check you can do for yourself. Three minutes is not a very long time, correct? So, the more you realize how quickly you can get some things accomplished, the more likely you’ll feel motivated to WANT to get things done rather than NEED to, THEREFORE changing your mindset into something more positive.

Mind over matter. Once you have control of your mind, then you can accomplish anything. You have all the power to be successful!

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